All Natural Easter Egg Dyes


Glob Paint All Natural Easter Egg Coloring Kit

All Natural Easter Egg Coloring Kit

And  they are vegan too!

Glob paints has done it again.    They have created a fun, all natural Easter Egg coloring kit made from botanical food colors. No artificial dyes or chemicals!  Create a rainbow of colors, with these natural, fun dyes!.  Available from Kate’s Caring Gifts

See all of Kate’s organic and vegan Easter Chocolate



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Eco Friendly Paint for Kids

Glob makes eco friendly and fun paints for kids.

Botanically crafted arts and crafts paints made from fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices with natural food-grade ingredients. GLOB’s organic extracts smell fresh & fruity. The vibrant pigments in GLOB™ have been used by different cultures throughout the ages in food, artists’ paints and body products.

Most kid paints are made from petrochemicals, the chemicals used to make the pigments are labeled non-toxic even though they have never been tested.  Glob paints are made from all natural and organic extracts, to make paint that is truly safe.

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October is fair trade month

Every Purchase counts.   That’s why we like organic and fair trade chocolate from Sjaak’s and Theo

Fair Trade supports community development and environmental stewardship.   You can learn more at Fair Trade USA

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Go Back to school with eco-friendly hemp backpacks

Hemp Patch Backpack from Earth Divas

If you’ve got a kid heading off to elementary school this year, we can’t think of a better thing to send them off with than this eco-friendly hemp backpack from Earth Divas These backpacks are durable, roomy and good looking.

Hemp is a naturally Earth friendly fiber.  It grows without the use of much pesticide or fertilizer.  The hemp used for these backpacks grows in the foothills of the Himalayas.  It is gathered and spun into yarn,  woven into sturdy fabric, and then sown into these outstanding backpacks by artisans working in Nepal.

Earth Divas works directly with the artisans paying well above the standard rates.

Got a middle schooler, high school kid or even a college student?  Try this Deluxe Hemp Backpack, also from Earth Divas. Even roomier,  with a built in sleeve for a laptop

Eco Friendly Deluxe Hemp Backpack

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Kellogg’s Recall’s Toxic Kiddie Cereal

Over at Earth Friendly Shopping,  I talk about Kellogg’s recent recall of tainted cereal, and what it tells us about the safety of our food system -

In short  - too many chemicals – too many toxins – not enough testing

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More reason to eat organic

So little is known or tested on the affects of constant, low level exposure to toxins, especially in children.  but this study showing a link between pesticide exposure and ADHD is certainly a cause for concern

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Perfect for hot drinks or soup

From the Fremont Green Buyers Club Blog.

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel water bottles have been on our lists for a long time. Klean Kanteens are safe,  longlasting, reusable water bottles.  They keep your drinks tasting good, and reusing bottles is better for the environment then disposable, single use bottles.

Now there is an insulated Klean Kanteen, perfect for hot drinks or soup.  The insulated Klean Kanteen will keep drinks hot for up to 6 hours,

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Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers

Our sister store, Kate’s Caring Gifts has a bunch of great eco-friendly stocking stuffers for sale

For example, we love this set of three wooden tops made in the US from sustainably harvested maple wood by Maple Landmark Toys.

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Green Toys New Recycling Truck

This is just too cute!  Green Toys has done it again.

This  eco friendly  toy recycling truck is green from the ground up!  Made from recycled milk cartons in the US.  Green Toys are the safest toys you can buy.   Even the packaging is designed with to be minimal and totally recyclable.

But even better the toys themselves are FUN.

Cardboard packaging cleverly includes images of bottles, cans, and newspaper bundles you can cut out. Instructions let you know to put those “recyclables” into the side recycle chutes, then remove them after opening the rear door of the recycling bed. Hey, you’re recycling!

We love it

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Green Toys Gardening Kit

We love this new Gardening set from Green Toys.

First of all, like all toys from Green Toys,  this gardening kit is safe.  They are manufactured in California,  and have no traceable amounts of BPA or phthalates,  and no external coatings.

The gardener kits are really special.  By allowing young gardeners to see nature at work, growing beautiful flowers in just days, these toys will help to create and foster a sense of wonder in your child.

Available at Kate’s Caring Gifts

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